Perfect Trimming and Cutting With the Best Chainsaw

husqvarna chainsaw
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Having familiarized yourself with the main characteristics of the Shtil 180 chainsaw, prices, reviews and features, you will see that it is almost an ideal device for domestic use. Being light and easy to operate, this chainsaw allows you to work quite productively, providing the proper level of operator comfort. There comes the use of the husqvarna chainsaw also.

Among semi-professional devices, it is worth noting the Shtil 250 chainsaw, which at fairly high power has a small weight and consumes fuel efficiently. An excellent anti-vibration system is provided for it, which allows the operator to be much less tired in the process. With a tire length of 35 cm, the device copes with cutting branches and harvesting firewood. At the same time, the engine power is 2.3 kW, and the weight is only 4.6 kg.

husqvarna chainsaw

Another development of this company, which certainly deserves attention, is the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw. Its price is much higher since the device has significant power (7.1 hp) and a considerable weight of 7.3 kg. The length of the working tire is 63 cm, and the fuel tank can hold up to 0.85 liters of gasoline. Despite the high cost of more than 70 thousand dollars, this device is also popular among users who need a powerful and reliable device. Many users note the high quality and convenience when working with the powerful STIHL MS 660 chainsaw model.

Chainsaw Maintenance

  • Chainsaw maintenance is carried out by performing three simple steps:
  • Checking device functionality.
  • Assessment of the quality of fastening of all parts and their tightness.

Within these points, it is necessary to regularly check the full functioning of all shift and control levers, a chain brake and a carburetor. As for the quality of the fixtures, this mainly refers to the locations of the spark plugs and splines.

All containers that are provided in the chainsaw are cleaned. This applies to the fuel tank, air filter and oil compartment. At the same time, the frequency of such cleaning directly depends on the schedule of use of the saw: if you use the device daily, then a brief inspection is best done after each use. It is recommended that you clean the fuel tank at least once a month, provided that you use the chainsaw regularly.

STIHL chainsaw design

It is possible that after a certain period of operation, you will encounter problems with the tool. Of course, if we are talking about serious malfunctions, it is necessary to turn to professionals for help. But if you had to deal with the commonplace wear of spare parts, then in most cases they can be purchased and replaced on your own. For example, the price of a chain for chainsaw calm 180 ranges from 400-500 dollars. In addition, with your own hands, it is quite possible to replace the saw catcher or individual parts of the anti-vibration system.

Chainsaws Echo: review and technical specifications of the best models

When deciding which chainsaw to choose for a summer residence, it is worth paying attention to the products of the Japanese company Echo, which is a world-famous manufacturer of garden equipment and spare parts for it. The best advertisement for this product was its quality, which invariably pleases even the most demanding customers. Echo chainsaws have proven themselves among users, thanks to high-quality Japanese assembly and ease of use.

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