What You Can Expect in the Voiceover Services

affordable voice over talent
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The voice actor is today an essential professional in the field of cinema, in the sphere of animations, series, advertising, video games, among others. Without them, those who do not speak a certain language could not enjoy the work of art produced in another language without resorting to subtitles, which would exclude from the enjoyment of this cultural sector all non-literate. With the affordable voice over talent you can be the best one in every respect.

The Professionals

affordable voice over talent

This professional gives in to the voice, the correct intonation, the interpretive ability, the proper breathing at the most appropriate time, to the characters of certain works. Usually, the native text from which the voice actor performs his craft was prepared by a translator, who converted it from the original work to the local language. Sometimes the feature of voice acting is undertaken in the same language as primitive creation, as in the case of advertising, with the aim of perfecting the modulation of the voice recorded in early recordings.

  • The candidate must have an adaptable voice, innate artistic vocation, ease to undertake dynamic reading, informal speech, great memory to decorate texts, aptitude to perform the most varied roles, taste for reading, the habit of being present in theaters and cinemas To constantly listen to radio programs, to have the gift of masterfully conveying the emotions of the characters, in a synchronous way, allowing the speech in Portuguese to conform to the lips, as if spoken in any other language.

The good professional must also mold his voice to the representation of the emotions that appear on the face and lips of the characters, and also to their attitudes in the work in question. Some voice actors become famous, being recognized for their voice, for acting in various artistic supports. Usually, however, his fame is restricted to the scope of professionals in this field or fans of dubbed works.

The Must-Haves

The voice actor must have in his hand, to work, the DRT, certificate of completion of the Faculty of Performing Arts or Dramatic Arts, which is issued by the Ministry of Labor. Without him, the professional cannot perform unless he is under fourteen, because in this age group this prerequisite loses validity since the person at this age is not properly characterized as a voice actor. But in this case, the child or adolescent needs a permit issued by the Child and Youth Court.

After graduation, the professional can perform various specializations in the area of ​​voice acting, which are very common in large cities. These courses are usually taught by well-known voice actors. After traveling this path, the expert can act in films of the documentary genre, animations, films, series, soundtracks, advertisements, jingles, soap operas, among other artistic vehicles.


Voice actors are subjected to artistic testing as they begin their process of insertion into the labor market, in which they must externalize all their innate talent. They are paid for what is known in this area as the ‘ring’, ie twenty minutes of voice recording. Professionals daily sign a record by entering the number of ‘rings’ they have produced on their workday. Usually, the voice actor acts in temporary works, defined by means of a contract with the companies. Some of them, however, guarantee the employee a functional record and the chance to work as a fixed professional.

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