What You Can Learn About Animal Conservation

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Improving the protection of flora and fauna continues, and there is a lot of work in this matter. Indeed, the number of some species of animals in the number of places is still decreasing. First of all, it concerns the otter, muskrat, European mink, badger, groundhog, ermine. In a disastrously small number, the leopard, Amur tiger, goral and some others survived. A visit to www.screenhaus.de makes things perfect for you now.

The Necessary Bits

When embarking on the protection of an endangered species, it is first necessary to thoroughly determine its biology. One of the most effective forms of animal welfare is the creation of reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. On the territory of the Government, there are more than 150 reserves (with a total area of ​​13 million hectares), more than 1000 reserves and several national parks. Almost only in the territory of our reserves, it was possible to save such animals as the Amur tiger, goral, kulan, saiga, Bukhara and sika deer. Considerable help in breeding rare and endangered animals is provided by zoos, especially the Zoo.

How to save wild, especially rare and endangered animals?

This problem is solved by scientists in many countries of the world. But in our country, environmental protection is given special importance.

How, then, should we all practically fulfill the obligations indicated by the state to protect our native nature?

First of all, every person should know which animals live where he lives.

  • Which of them are rare, dangerous, harmless, useful?
  • Why is it necessary to suppress the actions of a person who ravages the nest of a feathered predator, Throws a stick anthill or throws a stone at a “nasty” toad?

Living objects of nature must be treated in a special way: carefully, as to your own life. Being in nature, you must treat everything around you carefully and carefully. You cannot collect collections of mollusks, beetles, butterflies and other animals.

Gathering even without malicious intent can cause significant harm to nature. Any initiative in the use of the animal world is lawless, cannot be permissible. Wildlife should be inviolable to all. Watch, take pictures, listen, admire, but do not touch, do not catch.

The well-known zoologist Flint rightly observes this: “The day when moral responsibility for every endangered species becomes apparent to every citizen of the Soviet Union and when everyone knows these species can be considered the boundary after which success in the struggle to save the rare species can be guaranteed.”

There is a lot of environmental work, but there is no doubt that the joint efforts of all citizens of our country will ensure success.


The fauna is one of the main components of the natural environment, an important component of the natural wealth of our country. It serves as a source for industrial, medicinal raw materials, food products and other material values ​​necessary to meet the needs of the population and national economy of our country. In addition, the animal world is used for scientific, cultural, educational and aesthetic purposes.

Last Words

The Constitution of the Government provides that, in the interests of present and future generations, measures are being taken in the Government to protect and scientifically sound, rational use of the animal world. These measures are carried out in accordance with state plans for the economic and social development of the country with the active participation of state and public organizations, as well as citizens.

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