Proper Options for the Best Halloween Mask Makers
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On the very first day of October, people around the world celebrate the old Halloween festival. This day’s festivities are dedicated to the end of harvest. In ancient times, the land was idolized, considered to be the breadwinner of bread. And to give the land respect and bless it for the next harvest, it was accepted everywhere. A visit to happens to be essential now.

To protect themselves from the risen dead, ancient people tried to scare them in every way possible. The traditional way of doing this was to dress in a scary costume and wear a mask of a dead man or a zombie. It was believed that in such a dress people would remain unrecognized by newcomers from the other world and they would be removed home.

And What Now?

And in modern times, Halloween traditions have not disappeared anywhere. Yes, the holidays are not celebrated in all countries and not in every family. But he is perhaps known to everyone because of his singularity. Halloween parties are usually held in youth groups, groups of students and schoolchildren. Sometimes it is even celebrated by public organizations – in connection with a religious origin.

For the holidays, those who celebrate usually decorate their own homes according to the theme, receiving and treating guests. The most important part of the holiday is a special costume, as well as makeup – the more unusual, the better.

Now that fantasy has no boundaries! The image must be thought-provoking and perfect. Terrible makeup replaces the mask, which is often inconvenient to wear. Particularly active holiday fans paint faces so bizarre that they can scare anyone.

The Worst Makeup: Professional Makeup Or Regular Cosmetics?

Other make-up options may be easier. For application, it is not necessary to use professional makeup, sometimes quite enough decorative women’s cosmetics.

It is the only day when they search for cosmetics clearly does not threaten you. The more, the worse, the better! In our article we have put together a few simple makeup ideas for those who want to spend Halloween fun and creative.

As a rule, women handle this task more easily and more successfully than men. The reason for this is the men’s lack of cosmetics and the lack of makeup skills. But the simplest ideas of a scary makeup can be repeated by almost any of the guys.

What We Need

What funds should be reserved for creating a terribly festive image? First, do not make a black contour pen. Using this universal item, you will paint your face with any pattern no worse than a sheet of paper.

  • The pencil should be soft, so it will be easy to lie on the skin leaving a light, saturated color. With it, you can depict stitches with scars, extend the line of the mouth, thick eyes, paint the cheeks with spiders and everything that comes to mind.

Red matte lipstick is another necessary accessory for such makeup. You can get it most cheaply but without the nacre. It draws wear and blood leakage. And besides, you need to find a shade palette without sparkles and mother of pearl. They paint over absolutely every part of the face’s skin and create the desired image. The awful makeup that you find in our article is not that difficult to apply in practice.

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