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Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. Young and old alike allow themselves to do what is usually forbidden: to disguise themselves, to walk in the dark and to knock on the doors of pure strangers. However, for the whole thing to be done in pleasure, it is necessary to respect some safety tips. ForĀ This product at halloweenmaskrt this is an essential matter.

Before the big day of Halloween

  • Choose a costume

Select costumes that are large enough to cover warm clothing. Pay special attention to the colors of the clothing, so that they are easily visible in the evening, especially for motorists. Promote costumes with light colors and reflective stripes. Make sure the suit is not too long to prevent your children from falling while walking or running.

Opt for makeup and face painting rather than a mask. Be sure to choose fireproof suits, beards or wigs. When possible, avoid toy guns. If they are necessary for the costume, choose materials that are flexible and safe for your children and those they meet.

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Participate in the decoration

It’s just as fun for children to decorate the house to welcome the little monsters disguised at their door on the evening of October 31st. This part of the party can create excitement several days in advance. However, again, caution is required during the preparations.


Let your kids have fun decorating the pumpkins with paint or pencils. They can also stick bits of wool or what they will have on hand. However, you will reserve the portion where you will turn the pumpkin into a lantern. Even if the little ones do not touch the knife, you can however take the opportunity to explain to them what you do and why this part of the decoration is reserved for you.

  • Use battery-powered candles to light up your pumpkin. Think about your young children, but also your pets.

Install the decorations making sure to leave the space clear where little vampires, fairies or others will circulate on the night of the party. Turn on the outdoor and indoor lights to reassure the children and also to signal that they are welcome.

If you have pets, keep them indoors so as not to cause fear in the cubs or an unpredictable reaction of the animal to the children.

To disguise

Warmly dress your children so that they can enjoy their evening. You can even slip scarves and gloves into a backpack. In general, children are rather warm when walking from house to house, but some evenings in October are sometimes freezing. Do not run any risk. Avoid little princess shoes or other shoes that are not warm enough or uncomfortable. On Halloween night, bet on comfort. Do not overload your child, for example with a sword. Ideally, hang it in disguise, otherwise, leave it at home. He will need both hands to carry his bag of candy. Even if makeup is recommended if a child wants to wear a mask, make sure it fits properly so it can not hurt your vision and breathing. If your children’s costumes do not already have them, add some reflective tape.

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