The popularity of pods and its research

juul 電子タバコ
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The product of Juul become very popular among the youngsters, who used to raise concern in the health of the public, which would decline in long term community in which the youth usage of nicotine is reversed. They used to make a study in the usage of nicotine in the year of 2018, the month of October in thirteen thousand of American persons. They used to find that percentage of 9.5 is only of teenagers who are aged of 15- 17and as well as eleven percent of adults in the young stage who is aged of 18-21 these are the persons who currently use thejuul 電子タバコ , when the comparison arises between the teenagers of 15-17 and as well as between the age of 25-34, according to this comparison the teenagers who are in the age of 15-17 uses more than sixteen times of Juul that the teenagers of 25-34. So this type of Juul is very popular for high school and as well as middle school students.

In the year 2018, NDT which is said to be abbreviated as National Drug Trends increasing stage of the adolescent in the usage of electronic cigarettes which includes the Juul. Smoking of cigarette rating about the grade of twelve which is used as has been in two decades. On the other way, increasing the amount vaping which rates from in the year of 2017-2018 gap which is made the largest recorded has begun in the year of 1975. The hypothesized research due to the many programs regarding education which is said to be implemented in warning of youth about the risks that may happen due to the smoking of cigarettes, programs regards to devices in vaping.


Twelfth-grade students have been taken a report about the devices of vaping in nicotine, after the research it has been almost doubled, fro example the according to the first research in the year of 2017 the amount of nicotine users is raised to 11 percentage is have been raised to 21 percent in the year of 2018. Once again the tenth graded students still the percentage have been doubled from the percentage of 8-16.

Through initiative research and as well as a study of 15 – 17 old youngsters in regards to the person used to take a Juul that is more than fifty-six percentage of youngsters use this device, at least three times per month. Twenty-five percentage of teenagers have been used a Juul nicotine more than ten times per month. This research used to find that, teenagers are not only used to get en experiment with this they have been followed for the basis which has been considered automatically. The persons who used to create the Juul named as Adam Bowen and as well as James Monsees used to claim the Juul mission to decrease the smokers who used to live by cigarettes of eliminating.

juul 電子タバコ

Several reasons have been proposed for the popularity of Juul among the youngsters, this includes the description in adolescents which is said to be safe, fruity flavors in the pod, the design is sleek high tech in manner, concealment in ease. These are the research about the nicotine of Juul and as well as its design

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