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The Ways for Having the Best Roofing Options Now

The roof is a very important element of your home. It not only protects the building from rain, snow, hail, wind and the sun, but also provides the beauty of the building. What should be remembered to everyone who has reached the erection of a roof in construction? Firstly, you need to buy custom shutters sacramento. You must take into account the available budget, which always strongly influences the choice, and also take into account the climatic features of your region.

Before proceeding to a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the materials from which you can make the roof of your house, let’s talk about what kind of roof there are. The two main groups into which all the roofs of the world can be conditionally divided are flat and pitched.

What is a roof and what are its functions

A roof is a structure consisting of several layers. It is installed at the very top of the roof.

The main functions of the roofing system:

  • Waterproofing. Provides home protection from precipitation and other moisture. The layer prevents moisture from entering the insulation and parts of the rafter system.
  • Thermal insulation. Eliminates the possibility of heat loss from the building through the roof plane.
  • Wind protection. Special devices protect all parts of the roofing “pie” from the wind load.
  • Aesthetics. The roofs together with the coating significantly improve the appearance of the house.

Types of roofs

All roofs are divided into two main groups pitched and flat. The pitched roof has an inclination angle of more than 20 degrees, systems with a minimum angle of inclination of no more than 10 degrees are considered flat.

In private construction, flat roofs are rare. In implementation, they are considered the simplest, but they also have significant drawbacks. First of all, this is a problem with the drain of water. Due to the lack of slope of the slopes, moisture accumulates on the roof surface, which eventually leads to leakage. Also, this system has low thermal insulation properties. The advantage of flat roofs is the ability to use their surface to place a pool or garden.

For pitched roofs rainfall is not terrible. They are divided into two main types:

Attic. They have free space under the roof, which can be residential or non-residential. This type of roof is typical for houses with exploited attics.

Unhappy roofs. They can be ventilated, non-ventilated and partially ventilated. In such a roof, the roofing element is the ceiling.

The type of roof is also determined by its geometric shape and roofing material. Roofs are single-pitched, double-pitched and multi-pitched in shape.

Roof system design

Despite all the variety of roofs, their design is not much different. Standardly it includes:

  • Rafter system
  • Waterproofing
  • Insulation
  • Crate
  • Protective underlay for roofing material (if provided by the manufacturer of the coating).

The roofing itself

Since the pitched roof is part of the facade, you need to take seriously the choice of material from which it will be made. So, it’s time to move on to the comparative characteristics of the most commonly used materials.

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