Garage doors and their types

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Garage doors have various types they are single panel sectional doors and roller doors. in sectional doors, it may be constructed up to three to eight panels that slide up overhead. The sectional doors occupy exactly or more over the same internal garage space like a monolithic door. comparing to monolithic doors sectional doors have advantages. Let us see about GARAGE DOORS BRISTOL .


As sectional doors slide up it rather doesn’t need any space outside the garage to open, so that the vehicle can be parked even closer to the garage doors before opening the doors. as the very panel has its connection to the door track compared to monolithic doors, this increases the reliability as it has only a few track connections to the whole panel. many materials can be used to make garage-like aluminum, steel, copper, glass, wood even vinyl they are (polyethylene) are the most common materials which are used to make garage doors. In sectional doors, there is also an option that is side sliding they are called side sliding sectional doors. In Bristol, they provide various options to those who install garage doors.

  • There we can have a large space under the garage.
  • We can use the entire garage
  • We can access the garage quickly

Roller doors

Roller doors are also called “sheet doors “are usually made of corrugated steel. In these roller doors, other materials like transparent corrugated fiberglass can be used in this strong impact of resistance is not required, corrugation gives the door strength against impacts. In a single car garage, the roller door has a preloaded spring that is inside the rolling mechanism, the spring which inside reduces the required effort to open the door, but a larger roller doesn’t consist of spring as it is heavy to pull or push t requires to operate manually or chain or geared motor system. Roller doors cannot be insulated effectively.

Materials used in garage doors: Many kinds of materials are used to make garage doors

Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, rustproof, low cost and it has only less maintenance. Aluminum is not g metal so it is prone to denting and they are insufficient in energy as they are highly conductive material.

  • The vinyl garage doors are common and fiberglass is combining units, they may have steel love behind a fiberglass or vinyl skin. They usually have a base section that is polyurethane insulated based sections, also other foam insulation. These doors can be match steel garage doors but they are more expensive than steel units.
  • Nowadays, steel doors are common and many varieties of sizes and styles are also available that provide strength and security, they also insulating value in an option of required extra strength can be provided by galvanizing steel with two or three layers.
  • Rarely, their is an option for a wood garage door that offers aesthetic appeal, but they are expensive and requires high maintenance the quality is based on the price, low priced wood garage doors may break easily due to the low quality of the material is used in it, but if used high material and maintained properly it gives long life.

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