Kinder sport – Importance of sports in childhood

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Kids sport was completely normal in the past. Unfortunately, very few children had the opportunity to get good training in the club and to learn the techniques of the sports, but that did not stop them from playing football, dodge ball, basketball and so on. They used their free time to play with friends and to be active. In contrast to today, where the games industry keeps most of the children in front of the TV, tablet, or PC. For 먹튀신고 this is essential no doubt.

There are also smartphones with Internet function, games, and many other features. As a result, the children’s sport, despite the many club opportunities today drastically declined because the children do not have to meet or go out in person if they want to communicate or play. Numerous apps, e.g., Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. and online-based games make that possible. This already arises in childhood lack of exercise. Everyone knows that too little exercise is unhealthy, but which serious consequences that can have on the development of children and adolescents know the least.

To what extent do child sports affect development?

In early and middle childhood, basic skills are built up in the areas of motor, cognitive and social development ‘ 1, which have a lasting effect on the course of the further development process’ 2 . Various research areas confirm that the development of thinking and perception services is closely linked to movement. The brain activity is stimulated by movement and the ability to absorb, memorize, and concentrate depends directly on the physical condition. Thus, movement is a true all-rounder because the movement is not only relevant for physical and cognitive development, but also promotes the learning ability and the social-emotional well-being of the child.


In this context, an expert can recommend the website where you will find many interesting articles on the topic of children’s sports and children’s education.

So children with a lot of exercises can also improve their school grades?

It is exactly like that. A study by scientists confirmed that children and adolescents improve their academic performance significantly through regular exercise. There is a connection between the frequency of sports and grades.  So it says, the more sport, the better.

How do I motivate children to play sports?

Actually, it is not so difficult to motivate the kids to sports; you just need the right approach. Children naturally have an urge to move. However, if they have often had bad experiences in sports, e.g. at school, which they did not lie, they get an even stronger defense against sports. To counteract this process, experts offer from Move-It in sports camps variety of sports and trend sports in which children can try and prove themselves. They also teach the most important techniques of each sport, so that they can score point’s in the future in school. At the end of the camps, there is an individual recommendation for each child which sports suit him best because once you have discovered the right sport for yourself, you do not want to stop it.

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