How to safely use nootropics

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Diet and Nootropic: Your Choices

Nootropics are dietary supplements that support brain function. Medicines are supposed to bring health back to health while nootropics take you to the next level of health.

Given the specific effect of each nootropic compound and the variation in human brain chemistry, one can use different nootropics for different purposes and results.

In detail, nootropics can support the following effects:

  • Increase of productivity and motivation, especially for important tasks, practical examinations or for writing house and seminar papers or exams.
  • Promote social skills, including increasing trust, extroversion and verbal abilities – ideal for public speaking, presentations and parties.
  • For some time wisepowder nootropics have been taken before the workout or before a training session. The effect: An iron will and mental strength to go through evens the hardest workouts.
  • Nootropics also have neuro-protective effects, ie they support brain health and stimulate the generation of new neurons for more productivity and creativity.

Taking Nootropics leads in the short term to improved learning performance and more mental energy, in the long term to the so-called LTP effect. LTP is a crucial cellular mechanism that takes place in the brain.

While nootropics are more likely to be dietary supplements that do not contain prescription drugs, smart drugs fall under the Medicines Ordinance and contain active medicinal substances.

For whom are nootropics suitable?

While nootropics can help people to better manage their illnesses, healthy people can also benefit from nootropics.

Especially popular are the natural brain boosters in people who have to perform incredibly much mentally and cognitively. These include lawyers, programmers, executives, entrepreneurs, and physicians.

Even athletes from various sports such as skiing, golf, tennis or athletics and CrossFit increasingly fall back on nootropics. For them, it is also extremely important that the nootropics are not contaminated by drug residues. That would immediately stand out in doping tests.

There is a good chance that you have already heard of nootropics or have even taken some of the substances.

This means that you may already have had your first experience with nootropics. Now is the time to learn more about the exciting world of nootropics.

What else you should know about nootropics:

When you experiment with nootropics for the first time, it can happen that somehow nothing happens. No supernatural brain, no mental gifts. This is completely normal. If you then break off, however, you immediately notice the absence of the nootropic, which is suddenly missing.

On the other hand, sometimes you get a big cognitive boost as soon as you take a pill. A boost, that enhances normal behavior for better, or, for worse.

Nootropics can also make you depressed. For example, one of the nootropics, Lucidril, has great anti-aging and cognitive benefits for some people, but others become deeply saddened after taking it. After three days on Lucidril you can feel completely hopeless, but brilliant.

There is an inherent risk of experimenting with drugs or illegal drugs such as LSD. The risk is greater than most natural products. These can trigger a psychotic experience. But it is more likely that you just get a strong headache, if you take too much choline stimulating herbal substances.

In contrast, many nootropics not only improve the quality of life, they also make the brain more resistant to environmental influences.

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