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sustainable swimwear
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Every year, finding the perfect swimsuit to show off on the beach is a real problem: tight top piece, big bottom piece. Check out our style guide and find out which costume to choose based on your body shape. If you gave yourself a 5 on the costume test, don’t worry, maybe he just made the wrong choice. Yes, because as well as for a dress or a T-shirt, the costume must also be chosen in such a way as to enhance the qualities of our body and mask what we believe are our defects. But now no more talk. Let’s find out how to choose the costume based on the shape of the body. When it comes to sustainable swimwear then this is something that you will have to be sure about.

How to choose the costume if you have an “H” morphology

In this case, you have two possibilities, depending on your body’s strengths:

You are thin you have a narrow waist and shoulders the same width as your hips. You can carry almost anything, provided that you enhance your femininity.

Choose a nice bikini, for example, a two-piece triangle: it is very feminine, perfect for the smallest girls. The piece above, tied behind the neck, enhances the shoulders and rebalances the rectangular shape of this morphology. Opt for the bikini version with laces, which enhances lean legs.

You are curvy and have a wide waist.

Draw attention to the décolleté by opting for a one-piece swimsuit in opaque color. The one-piece swimsuit hides the belly and the roundness too. If, moreover, it is a balcony, it will make you very feminine. As for the 2 pieces, you can afford them on the condition that you give up shorts or very high-waisted briefs, which risk making you look shorter.

What if you have a more androgynous morphology?

If you have a slightly androgynous physique, your morphology is defined as an “inverted triangle”. You have broad shoulders and narrow hips. To balance your silhouette and make it more feminine, choose a two-piece with high-waisted briefs. It can be lower- cut like this Miss guided model or more covered in the best pin-up style like this Golden point model. The optical effect will lengthen the legs, hiding any bacon and also increase the volume of the hips.

If you have small breasts, opt for the push-up balcony, very feminine like this Yamamay model. On you, the whole swimsuit will be perfect. Even the V-neckline will be your ally because it will enhance your silhouette and make you sexy like a Bond girl. And then, how many gorgeous one-piece costumes are there?

sustainable swimwear

Avoid if you have an inverted triangle morphology

Better not to dare with swimsuit swimwear or those with a low waist, which highlights the shoulders. If you have wide hips and narrow shoulders, opt for a bikini. To divert attention from the lower part, choose a balconette bra: you will enhance your breast, increasing its volume. Even a triangle top piece, tied behind the neck, will highlight your shoulders. Low waist briefs with laces, on the other hand, will allow you to harmonize your silhouette. Know that one-piece swimsuits tend to highlight the waistline, and tend to shorten the legs.

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