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Legit Review
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Legit Review

The Eldorado of e-commerce is over; we had already talked about it. However, if you want to succeed in the ruthless world of e-commerce, one of the key factors is the satisfaction of your customers and visitors. To achieve this, the structuring of your site plays a key role . Today, we give you tips to structure your online store as much as possible. With the Legit Review , you can have the best deal here.

  1. Shop vs. Institutional website

basket If you want to open an online store is that you have products to sell. If you develop your own brand, this store will not allow you to communicate about your universe, your values, and your message because you will be limited by the functionality of the e-commerce site. If you are a reseller, you will not have this problem. This is why the creation of an institutional site that will inform your customers and highlight the brand universe can be considered. This particularity of the institutional site is also explained by the difference in terms of objective: the institutional site must support your message while the shop must sell your products.

  1. The classification by theme

Your products should be classified by coherent themes. Indeed, it is appropriate to group its products by categories and subcategories. If you are an online bakery (yes, yes it exists), you have to classify your products by type. As you can see, we are not reinventing the flour wheel. Keep in mind that “catch-all” categories should not be used!

  1. The multi-ranking of products

Multi-ranking Now that you have grouped your products by theme and categorized them, it is possible that some products may fall into two categories. It does not matter, do not hesitate to multi-classify . However, you need to take some precautions, depending on your CMS. Some CMS, by default, propose to classify your products in several categories. So much, the better. Others will not allow it and, in this case, it will certainly require your developer to set up a canonical URL (this is the best solution). Otherwise, you can also set up a permanent redirect.

  1. Choose a wide tree

To facilitate the work of the engines, it is essential to focus on large rather than deep trees . Indeed, it is necessary to set up a tree with 10 first level entries rather than a tree with five sub-levels. We had already mentioned the structure of a site on this blog in a previous article.

  1. The stability of URLs

If you follow these steps in order, this last point should not be a problem. Indeed, the work of SEO is done on a URL because each page must have a specific URL. As a result, if you change your URLs, your SEO work will be wiped out as search engines will consider this page to be new. So think about your URLs once and for all and do not change them anymore. If you have to review the complete architecture of your site, the first tip that we can give you and do it as often as possible. Then you will have to set up permanent redirects from old URLs to news (301 redirections). If you make these kinds of changes, be aware that the positioning of your site in search engines may suffer, at least in the short term. In the medium term, normally, your site should recover the positions it has lost. Ideally, be accompanied by an agency specialized in SEO to limit the risks.

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