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Fortunately, in most cases, useful solutions exist to remedy the computer problems. The computer services in kaunas are able to come up with the best options for the same now.

  • Recover the system on his computer
  • Find the system on your hard drive

When the post of your machine runs correctly, your machine will turn on, but it cannot load the system for various reasons. In some cases, this is the damaged hard disk and in others, it is an alteration or removal of your operating system. The malfunction of an internet component can also lead to this type of failure. Against these disorders, you can react in different ways.

computer services in kaunas

In the first case, make sure that the hard drive is detected by the machine by accessing the BIOS. When switching on, press the F2, F8, F9 or F12 button depending on the brand of your machine. When the hard drive has failed or moved from its case, it does not appear in the Boot Menu. So, putting your hard drive back in its case might be enough to display your operating system again. If your hard drive is damaged, you still have the option to recover some information with the help of a professional. This recovery may be enough to have the operating system and your data again.

Restore your system

Operating systems provide a useful solution against malfunctions. However, before you can use this feature, you must have it enabled beforehand. Thus, it would be necessary to activate the function for the disks on which one wishes to make a possible recovery. Then you have to create a restore point so you can use it later. During updates, the creation of these restore points can be done automatically.

When your machine is turned on, the system no longer starts normally, by choosing the “Safe boot” mode you can access the system interface with basic functionality only. This is good enough to restore old backups of your system. You must then access the “System Protection” tab and click on “System Restore”. You then find the recovery points created manually or automatically. After selecting one of them, you click “Next” and then “Finish” to return to a functional version of your system.

Windows Failed Mode

The fail-safe mode available on Windows is a very powerful default tool. It is often the only alternative to fatal attacks of malware or viruses. This mode loads the system without additional application while allowing access to essential functions to correct various problems. It makes it possible to make the diagnosis of the failure encountered by the system to correct it.

When the system detects anomalies when starting your machine, it can automatically start this mode. You can still access it manually by pressing the “F8” key when you start the computer. This mode also allows direct access to a restore screen by holding down the “Shift” key and pressing “F8”. Safe mode allows you to:

  • start a system scan
  • launch the system restore
  • uninstall recently installed software
  • check the crashes
  • carry out many other actions to correct system problems

Repair your system

The first alternative to repair your system is to try the “Safe Start” mode. This startup mode allows you to load your system in its state before your last manipulation which may have been fatal. Another equally effective alternative for missing files is to launch a system repair. You can use an installation CD, a boot key or an online installation. Follow the steps to restore your system and you will be able to see your system load again.

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